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Tomahawk Toss

Have you ever wondered why the tomahawk was Mel Gibson's weapon of choice in The Patriot? Well with our tomahawk throw you have the chance to experience the rush for yourself by throwing three real tomahawks at our 4' x 4' wooden target that stands 6 feet tall on a metal frame. It's a real challenge to learn to throw like a pro, but with a little practice and determination, you'll be lining them up just like Mel!

Bow and Arrow Bonanza

Who wouldn't love to shoot an authentic bow and arrow at a challenging target? Guests always enjoy this game of skill and fun, and the safe environment creates an interactive zone that allows guests to let it fly!

Do You Feel Lucky: Jail House Quick Draw

Have you ever wondered who is the better shot: you, your boss, your brother, or your husband? Well now you have the chance! Experience the real Wild West excitement of a one on one shoot out in a quick draw contest. Guests face off with real six shooters loaded with blanks to find out who really is the fastest in the west.

Out House Golf: Hole In One

It's par for fun as guests tee up for the excitement of Cowboy Golf. Take aim at the outhouse and if you hit the pit, you get another shot. Keep going until you miss. Always a barrel of laughs, this game is no stinker!

Catch as Catch Can: Steer Roping

Ever see a cowboy who couldn't throw a rope? Neither have we. Roping cattle has been the cowboy calling card for a more than a hundred years. Every cowboy starts out roping a stationary "steer" and progresses from there. Roping is an activity everyone from nine to ninety will enjoy and with a little instruction from the boys, you too can be throwing like a pro!

Blacksmith Hanging Horseshoes

Games of skill are as highly prized today as they were in the Old West, and this one gets everyone riled up! When cowboys wanted to have fun, they used what they had: horseshoes, horseshoes, horseshoes. In this cowboy favorite, upturned horseshoes are mounted as hooks on a wooden stand. Each guest attempts to hang their throwing horseshoes onto these hooks. Challenge your Dad, your peers, or your friends and see who has the best skills!

Twistin' in the Wind: Buckin' Barrel

All the fun and excitement of riding a bucking bull without the risk! The barrel tosses, twists, and bucks like a real bull while guest's hang on in an authentic saddle with blanket and reins. Padded landing zones create a safe environment as guests learn to master this rodeo favorite.

Maverick Bustin': Roller Roper

Want to take your roping skills to the next level? The fun starts here with a mechanical roping machine used by real cowboys to practice their roping skills. Guests sit on a life-size horse with the lariat rope in hand, anticipating the release of the steer. Rope 'em, cowboy, when the mechanism releases the "steer" in front of the horse. Great for all ages!

Stackin' Iron: Horse Shoe Pitching

Part luck, part skill and all fun, the Old West game of pitching horseshoes is surprisingly popular. The game comes alive as guests compete against one another. A white picket fence surrounds the game for a safe and controlled environment.

Corn Hole Bean Bag Toss

A favorite game of skill for generations! Guests compete tossing burlap bags of corn at the holes in the corn hole board a short distance away with the goal of getting all their bags in the holes. The distance grows as your skill and accuracy grow, and so does the competitiveness of the players. A real crowd pleaser and ball to watch.

Redneck Recycling: Cow Pie Golf

Frisbee golf is for city slickers! Real cowboys use what the Old West provides: cow pies and manure buckets. Don't get your hands dirty but have all the fun with these replica cow pies that look like the real thing. Guests take turns trying to throw them in the manure bucket from an ever growing distance. Fun, fun, fun!

Iron Necktie: Bola Throw

The Mexican gauchos knew a few things about stopping cowards in their tracks, and now you can too. Practice throwing bolas, two balls connected by a short rope, from a starting distance of ten feet. Every time you hit the target you take a step back until you miss. What a challenge and what a blast!

Hard Ridin: Mechanical Bull

Test your inner Urban Cowboy in 8 seconds flat! You've seen them in the movies, now experience them for yourself. Not for the faint of heart, this bull bucks, twists, turns, and pulls just like the real thing. You don't have to worry about a horn to your solar plexus, but you better watch where you're sittin'!

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